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As a child, I loved to sit on the basement stairs and listen to my father's Little Big Band, with their original arrangements that wove together elements of jazz, funk, blues, & fusion.

Every song was integrated with such style.

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and was blessed with a wonderful childhood. Summers were filled with outdoor music festivals, and my father Carl always made time for us kids – from trips to the Portland Zoo or Jantzen Beach Fun Center, to musicians' picnics at Oaks Park, or art exhibits, or hiking and camping in the Mt. Hood wilderness.

In high school, I sang in Choir, and performed lead vocals with Jim Little's Stage Band. Great fun! In 1980, everyone in the band was writing music for Carl Smith & the Natural Gas Company. Carl had just signed with a label, and we all learned a lot in the studio that year. I sang two solo songs on his album (Burnin'). That album was ahead of its time, and Mary Adams was a big part of that project. Mary was a gem to work with.

I worked with Carl's band for 35 years – years filled with great memories.

In 2003, I put together a band and produced an album, Yesterday I Said Good-Bye, including original songs in a jazz, funk, and fusion style. I put my creativity to the test, with inspiration from Jay Koder, Jennifer Eland, and many others. Jennifer and I wrote and produced songs for the album. Downloads of the full CD or individual songs are available.

My heart is filled with music – from jazz and R&B, all the way to 60's rock 'n' roll and a little bit of country. I still perform regularly, and am currently working with a jazz group and a 60's rock band.

"Little Cass"
Carlee Smith